the new ar(t)- chitecture Analysis concerning town construction  forward Fictitious analysis concerning town construction 

The quarter situated in the northwest is named "cultural district" and extends over two sides of the island with its museums, hotels and offices, shopping centres and private houses as well as the luxury appartments. 

In the western part of Saadiyat Island one of the two bridges (with yachting port and three small pre-aged islands) connects to the mainland. This acts also as a kind of borderline to the southern quarter. A long sandy beach extends from the north-western to the nord-eastern part.

The district divides concerning town construction into two wider ranges: Solitaire-built houses in the east and block-built houses in the west. These two building codes can be also at the same time assigned the different uses: In the east private houses and appartments develop with the solitaire-building style, while in the west museum buildings, buildings of hotels, buildings of offices and shopping centres extend. From the three artificial islands offshore three view-axes in the form of a triangle come together. At this peak the Guggenheim Museum should be build. The described axes which are about 1 km (≈ 0,621 miles) are situated right through the urbanistic buildings and can only be used by pedestrians.

Here, in this part of the area which is substantially more interesting for the draft, proceed the road courses formed as a block, which you usually also find in Manhattan/New York and many other big cities.

The traffic frequentation within this range is medium-sized compared to the complete traffic situation on Saadiyat Island whereby the circulating road of the area exhibits a higher density of traffic. It runs from the highly frequented road in the southern part in north-eastern directed way to “Saadiyat Beach”.

In the north-eastern part of “Cultural District” low-frequented roads proceed to two roundabouts, which develop the area of the residential buildings.

Public park surfaces always are situated at the street of houses; additionally a further large park surface is planned in the northwest nearby the lighthouse - whereby this park surface planning requires the sense of a trafficnear development missed and requests for a change. 

Public greens are always to be found road-accompanying on both sides as well as in the center of the road on a traffic-island. The moreover green areas are arranged to the beach and accompany the visitor with its beach-walk.
On the basis of no information concerning the size and the position of the area where the museum should be build  all of this datas are imaginary (agreed with my prof).